EK Semsur

The ancient ‘Perre’ or ‘Pardonium.’ A vibrant touristic and cultural centre which has hosted many cultures and shed light on humanity with excavations and findings leading to the beginning of civilisation. One of its grand historical sites is the Mount Nimrud which has officially been recognised by UNESCO as one of eight wonders of the world. Statues built on the Mount Nimrud are believed to be placed there by the civilisation belonging to the Commagene Kingdom (69Bc) who ruled after invasions from Assyrians, Persians and Macedonians. Research in nearby ‘Palanli’ dates the city back to 40,000 BC and other digs have revealed relics from bronze and stone ages. Apart from its ancient, cultural and natural beauty, Semsûr also plays a big part in Northern Kurdistan’s tourism with over twenty tourist accommodation centres and great delicatessen. It is also important to note that 60 % of Turkey’s petrol is rigged from the area.

Places of Interest

• Ruins of Perre
• Caves of Pirin
• Semsûr Fort
• Golbasi Lakes
• Degirmenli
• Haydaran Kaya Cemetery
• Goksu Caves
• Bespinar
• Icmeler
• Nimrud National Park
• Kingdom of Commagene