Enchantingly beautiful, Mêrdîn is often referred to as one of the gems of Northern Kurdistan. A composition of astounding architecture, exciting historical landmarks and a mosaic of ancient cultures and tradition. Dating back to 4000BC, Mêrdîn is regarded as of the oldest settled areas of Upper Mesopotamia and boasts a mixture of historic Mosques and Churches together with striking beige coloured buildings. Development and Investment has fuelled Tourism in the area therefore Explore Kurdistan’s advice would be to get there and indulge this open air museum and centre of multiculturalism before the crowds do.

Areas of Interest
• Dara Mesopotamian ruins
• Mêrdîn Castle
• Mêrdîn Museum
• Deyrulzafaran Monastery
• Zinciriye Madrassa
• Sabanci City Museum
• Cine Onur Cinema
• Mor Gabriel Monastery
• Malabadi Bridge