Explore Kurdistan Lake Dukan

A charming tourist town only 45 minutes drive away from Slemani, ideal for either day trips or short getaways. It is a popular honeymoon location for locals, with small cabins to rent by the water side and beautiful scenery for walks. There are larger cabins available to rent as well for families or larger groups.

The main strip has a few shops selling essentials – food, drinks, and toiletries. There are a few gift shops and clothes stores. Business starts early morning, with some shops closing in afternoon for a few hours, otherwise they stay open until the evening.

Home to one of the largest Dams in Kurdistan, Dukan supplies much of the electricity in its province. The turbines start spinning from early morning, passing the fresh cold water through the town. Along the river there are private huts which can be rented for a small fee, large enough to comfortably enjoy a picnic or barbeque by the waterside. There are cargo boats to ride by the huts, as well as speed boat rides if you go further downstream.

The water is very cold – cooling the air in midst of the peak summer heat, however too cold to swim. For those daring to step in to the ice cold water, it is recommended to stay close to the bank especially for inexperienced swimmers as whirl pools do form in the middle of the river.

For those who wish to swim, the picturesque lakes surrounded mountains are highly recommended. The water is lueke warm and very clean.  The scenery is breathtakingly beautiful, so much so that Saddam Hussein had a palace built there – which still remains there today.

There is also an Anfal memorial worth visiting. A chilling reminder of the genocide campaign that took place in Kurdistan just over two decades ago. There are about 300 graves, predominantly women and children from the Jaff Valley.