ExploreKurdistan Elih-Batman

Situated along the River Tigris, Êlih has one of the Jewels of Kurdistan, Heskîf (Hasankeyf) carved in to it. Apart from being Persia, the West and Central Asia’s melting pot, Êlih developed rapidly after the 1940’s Oil boom in the area. Bejewelled with citadels, Mosques, tombs and historic buildings Êlih attracts many thousands of visitors from all over the world. Heskîf, known as the 12th century Artuqid Capital, has an amazing combination of medieval urban structures and natural rock formations built along the river. Much of Heskîf is under threat of flooding due to the construction of Ilisu Dam and it is fair to note that it should be visited before the waters do take over. The Garzan, Tigris and its tributaries are ideal for sports fishing and the areas of Karakus, Roman and Aydinlik place ramblers and trekkers into heaven. Êlih is also well known for its rich cuisine, carpet weaving and notoriously good folk dancing.

Places of Interest
• Heskîf (Hasankeyf)
• Malabadi Bridge
• Karakus, Roman, Aydinlik Mountains
• Bati Raman Oil Field (Turkey’s Largest)
• Ibrahim Bey Mosque