A wonderful ‘green’ city whereby many Empires and Civilisations have crossed. Dersim is reknown for its beautiful Dersim Valley National Park and Munzur River. From the Urartus, Medians and Achaemenids to Romans, Byzantines and Armenians, Dersim has seen it all. Dersim’s people are very well known for their hosting and warm-heartedness turning every home and village into lodgings for its visitors. With a well-protected eco-system and environment, Dersim’s mountains have become a safe haven for beautiful wildlife, hundreds of types of plants and other species, caves that can be toured and the great Munzur River available for watersports and swimming. The Munzur festival is also held every summer for those who want to indulge in local Kurdish and Zazaki music, dancing and food.

Places of Interest
• Munzur Valley National Park
• Munzur River
• Pulumur Valley National Park