Explore Kurdistan-Slemani-Suly

Slemani, also known as the “City of Culture” is located in the South of Kurdistan. It is no doubt one of the most culturally exciting cities in Kurdistan. It is surrounded by mesmerizing mountains such as the Goyzha, Azmar and Gilla Zerda. It not only captivates your heart with its breathtaking scenery, but also enchants any person who sets their eyes on it.

The natural mountains are well known for their stunning greenery during spring and summer, perfect for picnics or just gazing over the city of Slemani whilst appreciating the stunning sunset which can only be appreciated when viewed from the mountains.

In recent years there has been a huge surge of weekend getaways to the outskirts of Slemani, ranging from Sitak, Mergapan and Dukan which has attracted not only the local residents but also tourists from the Middle East, to enjoy the views..

If mountains are not your thing, Slemani has a lot more to offer. For pleasant and peaceful walks and picnics, Sarchnar and Parki Azadi are the perfect places to visit. Sarchnar with its beautiful lake, waterfall, zoo and many restaurants and cafes is great for an afternoon gathering with family and friends. Parki Azadi likewise is the ideal place for relaxing and attracts attention due it Fun Fair Park as well as it greenery. There are also restaurants and cafes by the lake, situated at the heart of Slemani.

Chavi land (Slemani Eye) is a must see when one visits Slemani. The theme park is brilliant either day or night and the area is filled with things to do; you can visit the arcades, the funfair, the wax-work museum, restaurants, bars (which feature live musical performances) and you can even go paintballing! You can even hire your own car to travel around the park at your own leisure. The cable cars at Chavi Land are an amazing attraction since they provide the perfect way to travel up the mountain within minutes, exposing you to the magnificent and enriched beauty of Slemani.

Slemani has a buzzing night life. Out and about in Salim Street, you can enjoy and dine at Chalak café or take your night out to the pleasant balcony atmosphere of Castello and Karino. There are also the bewitching views at the City Star Café high up in the sky overlooking Slemani, where one glance at the night sky takes you to a place one would only dream of.

If it’s something cultural you’re after, you can sip tea on the go, snap sunflower seeds as it roasts and listen to some cultural music at Saholaka till late at night. Where ever you visit in Slemani, you are never short of great traditional and modern places to dine; from Nali Café and Manqal in Sarchnar, to Roma moon café, Yummy Yummy in Twimalik and Pizza Plus and Cultural Cafe in Aqary, but to name a few.

The city centre has a thrilling and exciting vibe which never fails to draw people in. The cultural and enchanting atmosphere takes you away from the modern world and into the busy and authentic eventful life of the markets and bazaars of Slemani. You will explore the wonderful Kurdish culture and be delighted with the Kurdish antics, fresh fruit and vegetable markets, Kurdish traditional clothes and much more that the markets have to offer.

Amna Suraka is a historical place that explores the tragedy the Kurdish people faced during the Saddam regime. The museum shows the brutal life they faced with the sculptures and illustration as well as an art gallery showing photographs of the prisoner (men, women and children). Slemani museum is another famous attraction, proving an insight into Kurdish culture and history.